Month: May 2024

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The Ski Industry’s Fight for Survival: Enjoy It While You Can

Since the late 19th century the Earth has warmed around 1.1°C, bearing significant consequences for ski resorts globally. Whilst some at...

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Low Carbon Travel: The Opportunity of a Sacrifice

Only a few months ago, Prince Harry was labelled an ‘eco-hypocrite’ after flying to a concert on a private jet shortly after having...

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Ecotourism – The Future of Tourism

Ecotourism is defined as responsible, sustainable travel, which supports the biodiversity and local economy of an area. Within this...

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How Team Pebble Won $12,500 From The Earth Prize

Team Pebble, consisting of two pupils from Eton College, have been named Runners-up for the Earth Prize 2024. They developed a platform...

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E@E Fundraising Update

From running miles along the Thames with litter pickers in hand, to distributing delectable baked goods on St Andrew’s Day, the...

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Should Developed Nations Provide Funding for the Sustainable Development of Developing Nations?

Sustainable development is a critical goal for countries across the globe, aiming to meet the needs of the present, like furthering...

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The Problem with PFAS

Per and Poly-fluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) are synthetic organofluorine compounds, characterised by C-F bonds. Due to the low molecular...

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