Who are we?

Iris florentina is considered one of the iris species that inspired the fleur-de-lis of heraldry, which features on Eton College’s logo


Ralph M. (C Block)



Tomas L. (C Block)





Sachin T. (C Block)

Jaymiel S. (C Block)

Tomas L. (C Block)

Wan Heng X. (D Block)

Andrew Z. (D Block)

Theo M. (E Block)

About us

The publication is run by a team of students at Eton College. We aim to provide students with a platform to explore their passion for sustainability and the environment through the ability to read, write and create media for the publication.


This issue is one of the most important issues that humanity has ever faced and we believe that a deep understanding of how we can solve it is necessary.


We welcome articles throughout the year and update the site constantly! Get involved by reaching out with our contact form, or send an email to theflorentina@etoncollege.org.uk.

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