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The Ski Industry’s Fight for Survival: Enjoy It While You Can

Since the late 19th century the Earth has warmed around 1.1°C, bearing significant consequences for ski resorts globally. Whilst some at...

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Low Carbon Travel: The Opportunity of a Sacrifice

Only a few months ago, Prince Harry was labelled an ‘eco-hypocrite’ after flying to a concert on a private jet shortly after having...

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Ecotourism – The Future of Tourism

Ecotourism is defined as responsible, sustainable travel, which supports the biodiversity and local economy of an area. Within this...

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How Team Pebble Won $12,500 From The Earth Prize

Team Pebble, consisting of two pupils from Eton College, have been named Runners-up for the Earth Prize 2024. They developed a platform...

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E@E Fundraising Update

From running miles along the Thames with litter pickers in hand, to distributing delectable baked goods on St Andrew’s Day, the...

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Should Developed Nations Provide Funding for the Sustainable Development of Developing Nations?

Sustainable development is a critical goal for countries across the globe, aiming to meet the needs of the present, like furthering...

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The Problem with PFAS

Per and Poly-fluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) are synthetic organofluorine compounds, characterised by C-F bonds. Due to the low molecular...

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How Rishi Sunak has failed to commit to his promises

Those who follow the news will have seen the headlines on Rishi Sunak’s decision to backtrack on some of the UK’s climate policies. The...

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How can we hope to solve plastic pollution? 

The plastic pollution crisis has rapidly become one of the most pressing environmental issues of our time. Affecting both developed and...

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Radiaction – An environmental hackathon project

Climate change poses a potentially existential threat to humanity, and while it has been an issue far from inconspicuous over the past 3...

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