Month: March 2022

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News of the Month: March 2022

Restructuring the UK’s energy supply is cause for optimism As the UK looks to reduce dependency on Russian gas, many hope that the UK...

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Book summary: Green Illusions

This book presents a sobering evaluation of ‘green’ energy. Contrary to how it is portrayed in the media, renewable energy has...

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Book summary: We are the Weather

This book underlines the main reasons why people do not act on climate change, despite knowing its detrimental effects. It subsequently...

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An introduction to carbon sequestration

Much of the approach to combatting climate change has been about reducing emissions. However, this is not always entirely possible, for...

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Inability or Greed? Why aren’t we addressing the climate emergency?

‘The problem is not that we don’t know how to address the climate emergency; it is that we are too greedy and selfish to do so.’ We...

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