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The Environmental Impact of The 2022 Qatar World Cup

Qatar World Cup 2022 was a tournament riddled with controversy but one with a great goal. Prior to it, Gianni Infantino, the president of...

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Sustainability in Fashion: Truth or Greenwashing?

The fashion industry is full of companies touting and marketing themselves as sustainable. Products like recycled, vegan, or carbon neutral...

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Stephanie Betts’ Introductory Words

Thank you to Stephanie Betts, who has a wealth of experience in climate law and finance, for her introduction. We can all learn from her...

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Councillor Donna Stimson’s Introductory Words

As we launch the maiden issue of the Florentina, hear from Councillor Donna Stimson, Cabinet Member for Climate Action and Sustainability...

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Unscramble: the Famous Environmentalist

Answers enclosed!

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How does eating less meat help the environment? 

There are many ways to help fight climate change and the biodiversity crisis: perhaps too many. Thus, sometimes it is hard to know where to...

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Enhanced Rock Weathering: the Way Forward for Sequestration? 

Carbon sequestration is the act of isolating and storing carbon from the atmosphere, and tree planting is commonly believed as the best way...

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From Butterflies to Nobel Prize: The Chaos Model of Climate Change 

              “A butterfly can flap its wings in Peking, and in Central Park you get rain instead of...

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Interview with Karen Hartshorn

Interview with Karen Hartshorn: Fundraising, Communications & Marketing Director at the Berkshire, Buckinghamshire & Oxfordshire...

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Book summary: Green Illusions

This book presents a sobering evaluation of ‘green’ energy. Contrary to how it is portrayed in the media, renewable energy has...

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