Month: November 2022

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Can We Cure the Downwards Spiral of Our Melting Arctic?

The Arctic although seemingly barren and harsh withstands some of the greatest extremes in weather, temperatures and light intensities in...

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The Global Tipping Point: Where We Are Now and Where We Need To Be      

The climate crisis is a topic which many of us like to think we understand when, in actuality, we know frighteningly little. This is often...

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Why do we struggle to engage with Climate Change?

We all know about climate change. Most people know how it’s caused, what its effects are, and what we can do about it to help. The...

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Northeast Scotland’s shift to wind

As the drilling for North Sea oil is dying out, Scotland has found a new alternative to energy production: wind power. Wind turbines were...

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Lithium Mining in South America – a Blessing or a Curse?

The threat of climate change has led many corporations and countries to look to more sustainable sources of energy. As countries try to...

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The Problem of E-Waste

What are the environmental costs of current consumer trends, behaviours and purchasing decisions? The ever-growing environmental...

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Sustainability in Fashion: Truth or Greenwashing?

The fashion industry is full of companies touting and marketing themselves as sustainable. Products like recycled, vegan, or carbon neutral...

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