Thank you to Stephanie Betts, who has a wealth of experience in climate law and finance, for her introduction. We can all learn from her passion about climate action, and her inspiring stories!

Climate change is a bit like Eton, because there is always someone, somewhere, who knows so much more than you do!
The topic is so vast that it’s a bit like philosophy: where do you start? Where do you go?
It is therefore easy to get dragged down by the deluge of data. 
This is precisely why the Florentina can play an extraordinary role: by helping to communicate facts clearly and concisely, but also by highlighting the extraordinary opportunities for finding a greater purpose than oneself – while also building phenomenal careers. 
Opportunity has always been the silver lining – or flipside- of any crisis. 
Simply ask yourselves: how you would rebuild our world afresh, how you would re-invent every single activity we currently do? 
Aim high and let your imagination run free. The rewards might surprise you.
Finally remember that, in times of crisis, leadership is everything.
This is something for which Eton College has prepared its pupils for almost 600 years.
The Florentina, and Eton College, have a unique and joint opportunity to fulfil their missions – Floreat Etona and Floreat Natura  – by playing a pivoting role in the greatest challenge humanity has ever faced. 
The launch of the Florentina harbours many hopes, and I would urge you all to take it seriously. 
These young men have demonstrated their determination and they mean business.
Please join them and bring your talent, brains, dreams (and connections if need be) to make this endeavour one of the most formidable Eton has ever undertaken.

Stephanie Betts
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